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No Other Under Deck Ceiling Offers All These Advantages.

The Magnolia Under Deck Ceiling Kit is custom made for your project.

Cantilevers and odd angles are in the normal course of business for us.

Individual Panels are Easily Removed For Access.

Remove a Single Panel

Ease of access is one of the primary engineering considerations of the Magnolia Underdeck Ceiling Kit. When access is needed to the space above the Magnolia Ceiling, simply remove the nearest panel, do the work, and snap the panel back into place.


The Magnolia Underdeck Kit System is Pitched Independently of the Deck Above.

Magnolia's installation procedure calls for a True Level Line to be established around the ceiling's perimeter. This line, independent of the deck above, guides the level and pitch of the Magnolia Ceiling.

Often deck floors are out of level or sagging , as shown here.

A ceiling attached directly to this deck will reflect the sag. Water and debris will accumulate in the low spots causing leaks between the panels and also steadily increasing weight. This is the primary cause of underdeck failure.

Magnolia's Gutter is pitched, as well as the ceiling.

A sufficient pitch is essential to good drainage, yet some underdeck designs can not incorporate slope into their gutters.

The Magnolia System Offers a Broad, Unimpeded Flow to the Gutters.

Some systems direct the water to narrow troughs alongside the vaulted panels, or down panels that have supports or spreaders across the direction of flow. In both cases there is increased  possibility of debris accumulation. Again, this is the primary cause of underdeck failure.

Powered Ventilation

The space between an underdeck's ceiling panels and the deck above is an area of high humidity for some time after a rainfall. This humid condition will promote the growth of mold and mildew. There are concerns about eventual rot in the structure of the deck and the health of people exposed to mold.

Passive ventilation, through the space between the deck boards or by vents installed in the perimeter are useful only as far as they go. Additionally, some decks are constructed with very small, or no spaces between the deck boards, especially composite boards. This practice creates even longer periods of high humidity. With natural hardwoods it is imperative that they be spaced 3/8 inch apart to prevent "cupping".

Magnolia Outdoor Living is the first (and currently, only) underdeck company to offer powered ventilation. We move outside air into the space above the underdeck at a rate of 110 cubic feet per minute. An added benefit is that we are discovering that faster drying aids the next rainfall in carrying accumulated debris away more easily.

Magnolia's panels can be manufactured to any length.

Our panels are not restricted to a maximum length, as are panels in other systems. Panels 10 feet and over require support along their length. Magnolia has engineered latches that attach to the joists for support. These latches are designed to release for easy panel removal. They are also adjustable to accommodate any unevenness that may develop in the deck above.

Magnolia's Screen/Overflow Box Option

Screen / Overflow Box Screen / Overflow Box

The Screen/Overflow box attaches to the end, back side, or bottom of the gutter (as pictured here). With this installed the downspout can be located on the outside of the perimeter. This accommodates the installation of screens, knee walls, windows, etc.  In the event that the system is attached to an underground drain, and that drain stops up, the trap door on the Overflow box opens and allows the water to escape rather than back up onto the ceiling.

The Magnolia System is Manufactured from Aluminum

Three Materials are in common use; Steel, Vinyl and Aluminum. Aluminum is both lightweight and stromg. It will not rust, nor will it become brittle with exposure to the elements. Twenty eight colors are readily available.


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