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Before You Buy an Underdeck System, What Do you Need to Know?


All underdeck systems are not built alike. How will you know you are getting a well-built system that will last for years to come?


An "underdeck" is a special ceiling drainage system used under elevated decks. Homeowners can extend their outdoor living space for lounging, outdoor kitchen areas and more. In order for the underdeck system to work properly, water must be able to flow through the system without any obstructions or restrictions.

What is the best material to use?  The four materials that are most commonly used are Vinyl, Gavalanized steel, Galvalume and Aluminum. Aluminum will not rust nor deteriorate with age and exposure to the elements. It also provides the best corrosion resistance. Magnolia uses only aluminum throughout our installation. Even our flashing is aluminum. We do not use the "peel and stick" roofing product that is becoming popular with underdeck installations. We also use aluminum gutter brackets and hanger latches.


What  about textured panels? Recently wood-grain embossed panels have become  available. While attractive, the raised texture on the topside of the panels will hold water and will not dry and drain as quickly as a flat, smooth panel.

You want your underdeck to dry as fast as possible between rainfalls so that wet debris does not stand on the panels and begin to build up. The accumulation of small pools of standing water and wet debris is an invitation for mosquitoes to breed. The accumulation, once begun will continue depending of the number and location of trees, the amount of sunlight and the spacing between the deck boards. Every underdeck situation is unique. This leads to the question:


Does your underdeck system need to be maintained once it is installed? Yes! It is inevitable that, over the years, some debris will remain inside the system. We recommend inspection and cleaning every 3 - 6 years to keep the underdeck in the best of shape.

With this need in mind, Magnolia Underdeck developed the first underdeck ceiling that allowed individual panels to be removed for maintenance. The ability to remove a specific panel makes the under deck ceiling accessible for inspection and cleaning. Magnolia offers this clean out service in the Atlanta area, or a handy homeowner can maintain the underdeck with a minimum of tools. Of course the kit builder has the tools and skills for DIY maintenance.


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There are many reasons for a homeowner to install an under deck ceiling to channel rain away from the space beneath their deck.

An attractive waterproof underdeck installed in your home adds to not only the useful space, but adds to the value of your home when it comes time to sell. The increased dry space outdoors adds interest and may lead to a quicker sale. Then, when you find a new home, ask your realtor about negotiating a Magnolia Underdeck System into the purchase price.

Extended families are more often sharing a home lately. A nicely finished basement with an underdeck rain carrier system installed gives an outside dry space a parent can truly enjoy.

The average underdeck installation usually takes one or two days. Ceiling fans, recessed lights and mounts for swings and beds can also be installed. The new space that is now dry below your deck is perfect for a built-in grill, bar or big screen TV for entertaining. To finish your underdeck ceiling project, add a screen enclosure, then the all season room you've been dreaming about is a reality.

We also offer a do it yourself kit that includes everything needed, from the most durable materials available Whether you're a DIY hobbyist of an experienced professional, you'll find our underdeck kits easy to install with our under deck installation video, written documentation and seven day a week phone support. Our underdeck kits are complete. they include not only the panels and wall mounting hardware, but also gutters, gutter hangers, downspouts, elbows, fasteners and sealants. We don't include the lumber and wood fasteners needed for your installation.

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